Net+Catalog provides everything a business needs for a full featured ecommerce site for a fraction of what it would cost to set up comparable features independently.

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Net+Catalog provides a wide range of features designed to provide businesses and individuals with maximum flexibility and ease of use.

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Product Pages:

Using regular HTML, you create your products catalog structure within your existing website. At the point you want a customer to select your product a simple HTML form invokes the Net+Catalog Service. Through this form you:

  • Supply your Net+Catalog Account ID
  • Supply "price"
  • Supply optional "option1" - available option that lets you specify any product option like color, size, etc.
  • Supply optional "option2" - available option that lets you specify any product option like color, size, etc.
  • Indicate whether the item should be taxed
  • Indicate an optional per item shipping charge
  • Specify an optional product ID
  • Specify a return page value

Using the HTML form it's easy to change any product parameter within seconds --instantly reflecting sales, price or option changes.

Since Product Pages are simple HTML documents, you can create them using any HTML editor or word processor.  We've simplified the process by providing you with a Form Wizard that automatically generates the HTML Form Syntax you need to invoke the Net+Catalog Service.


Shopping Cart:

The Net+Catalog shopping cart is customized specifically for your company with information you provide when opening your Net+Catalog account. As Items are placed into the cart:

  • Item totals and total price are automatically calculated
  • Customers can easily return to your home page or the last page they visited on your site
  • Item quantities can easily be changed and Item totals are automatically recalculated
  • Items can be removed from the cart individually or in groups, item totals are then automatically recalculated
  • The entire cart can be emptied at once
  • Customers can link back to the Item detail page of your website for any Item in the shopping cart
  • A Direct Link back to your home page is provided
  • A Direct Link back to the last item selected from your web site is provided
  • A Direct link to your email address is provided
  • Your business name and contact information are prominently displayed on every page
  • SSL security encryption protects all sensitive customer information


Shipping Charges:

Net+Catalog provides three (3) methods for you to calculate shipping charges. These methods can be used individually or in any combination.

  • Item Based - Allows you to specify that a shipping charge be applied to individual items. Each instance of that item placed into the Net+Catalog shopping cart will have the Item Based shipping charge applied
  • Order Based - Allows you to specify that a base rate shipping charge be applied to every order
  • Amount Based - Allows you to specify that a shipping charge be applied to each order based on the total Order Amount and the Shipping Method selected.


Sales Tax:

Sales tax is automatically calculated at checkout based on sales tax rules you define at set-up.

  • Define multiple states for which sales tax should be applied
  • Set your own percentage for each state defined


Order Notification:

Whenever you receive a new order you are immediately notified via email.


Web Based Merchant Administration:

Each merchant has secure SSL encrypted, password protected access to the Net+Catalog Merchant Admin screens. In the Merchant Admin area you can:

  • Update the company information that is used to customize the information displayed in your Net+Catalog
  • Review order summary's
  • Review Order details
  • Print Orders
  • Delete or archive orders
  • View, print or delete archived orders
  • Add, update, or delete payment methods
  • Add, update or delete shipping rules
  • Add, update or delete state tax rules
  • Automatically create "Product Pages"


CyberCash Merchant Server

Using the "Optional" Net+Catalog CyberCash Merchant Server, you'll be able to authorize and batch credit card transactions real-time via CyberCash. As orders are placed, the customer credit card will be validated and authorized "real-time", and the transaction will be prepared for batch processing.  If you already accept Credit Cards, this feature can be enabled as long as your credit card processor accepts CyberCash transactions.  If you don't currently accept Credit Cards, Net+Catalog can provide the Merchant account you need to begin accepting Visa and MasterCard.

This optional service lets you:

  • Authorize and batch Visa and MasterCard transactions "Live" on the Internet via the Net+Catalog CyberCash Merchant Server.
  • Customers receive real-time notification on the status of the credit card transaction (approve or decline)
  • You have a direct web interface with the Net+Catalog CyberCash Merchant Server to enter new transactions, issue returns, close batch, query transaction status, and produce reports.

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