SSL Digital ID's provide more than just proof of identity -- they deliver a critical element of security.  With a SSL Digital ID, you can be confident that you are participating in secure com- munications, payment, access, authorization, and identification applications.

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S e c u r i t y

Net+Catalog provides a simple, safe, and secure method for your business to collect credit card orders on the Internet.  We utilize a combination of security methods to safeguard sensitive information.

SSL Digital Certificate

All data passed between your customer and the Net+Catalog system is encrypted by a  SSL 'high-assurance' Class 3 Digital Server ID.

Digital Server IDs allow web sites to identify themselves, and enable secure data communications between the customer and the Net+Catalog server.   In fact, a Digital Server ID is necessary to establish Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections, the technical backbone of secure electronic commerce. 

Customer Credit Card Security

Customer credit cards are never stored on the Net+Catalog Server in their entirety.   As new credit card orders are placed, the last 6 digits of the customer credit card are sent to you via email as part of your "New Order Notification".  The remaining digits of the customer credit card are stored online in the Net+Catalog Merchant Administrative System where they are retrieved by you along with the orders details.

Merchant Administrative System

Each Net+Catalog Merchant has (SSL) secure -- username and password access to the Merchant Administrative System. This is where orders are retrieved, printed, archived, or deleted.   Each order is presented in summary and detail and represents the data that was stored on the Net+Catalog system when the order was collected. As mentioned above, credit card information is not stored in its entirety, only a portion of the card number is stored online -- with the last 6 digits emailed to you in your "New Order Notification"

Optional CyberCash Merchant Services

CyberCash transactions are protected by a powerful and sophisticated system of encryption, combining DES private-key and RSA public-key encryption technologies. In fact, CyberCash's 768-bit RSA key encryption capability is unique in that it is the most powerful encryption technology currently licensed by the United States government for export. CyberCash also has been approved by the government for 1024-bit RSA key encryption. Essentially, the greater the number of bits used by in encryption algorithm, the more difficult it is to unscramble or crack.

General Security
The Net+Catalog system runs on a dedicated server in the InfoQuest Internet Operations Control Center.  Physical access to the Net+Catalog server is limited to authorized InfoQuest employees.

Generally speaking, all servers connected to the internet run the risk of being intruded upon.  While InfoQuest takes great precaution to prevent such activity, no system is 100% safe.  If the Net+Catalog server should ever be compromised, the lack of complete credit card information stored on the system makes the data meaningless to intruders.


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